Becker (named after a cool cat), was my project for master's thesis, also my first serious incursion in robotics.

I really thanks to my advisors and to my classmates at CIC than support me with this robot.

I have planned improvements for Becker, to implement in near future.


This robot was accepted as part of a didactic robotics project by the IPN.

I want to thank professor Humberto Sossa, Alfredo Gonzáles Gámez and Fabian Romero Hernández who have made this project possible. 

The original idea was a robot for practics of the computer vision course at CIC-IPN as a petition of the professor Humberto Sossa, in the initial design stage the potential of the robot came to light, being that it could be capable of tasks that involve AI and HRI.

Test in simple HRI platform

This is some test of parts and mechanism for a future project in the area of Social Robotics.

Printable Differential Robot

This is a 3d printable diffetential robot, you can buy the STL files in .